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P&I Waste - The Safest Solution   Better & Safer by Design    

P & I Waste provide 'the safest solution' for disposal of sharps, clinical and infectious waste.  Following is our range of products and features that make us the number one solution for all clinical waste.

>> Safety Neck
Built in Needle Notch Removal System
>> Colour Coding and Labelling
>> Disposal
>> Storage
>> Quick Release Straps
>> Trolleys
>> Mounting Frames
>> Heavy Duty Metal Syringe Safety Cases
>> Base Brackets
>> Mountings
>> Lockable Plastic Wall Mount with a Key
>> Lockable Wall Mounting Frame
>> Wall Straps


Safety Neck
The medical waste and sharps containers are fitted with a one way safety neck to prevent accidental spillage of sharps. The 19 litre is also available with a large opening snap on lip.

Built in needle notch removal system

A conveniently designed needle notch makes the removal of needles from syringes safer.

Colour coding and labelling
Colour coding is in accordance with Universal Health Authority Regulations, and the “National Guidelines for the Management of Clinical and related Wastes” as recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council. Labelling is clear and carries the universally accepted Bio Hazard Symbol. All P&I Sharps Medical Containers carry batch numbers.

With the appropriate treatment requirements of the contents, the P&I Medical Sharps Containers should be incinerated in accordance with State and Federal regulations for complete and safe disposal.

Being made from Homo polymer enables the P&I Medical Sharps Containers to be incinerated without producing toxic fumes.

The design of the P&I Sharps Medical Containers enables them to be conveniently stacked side by side, and on top of each other in the carton.

Quick release straps
When a quick release strap is attached to a wall, it can provide safe mounting for containers placed on bench tops. Available for 2.8, 5, 8, 10 and 19 litre containers.


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PDF Logo

Sharps Containers Brochure (outside)

Sharps Containers Brochure (inside)

6 pack container
Introducing the new personal 6 Pack.  Click here to view full product details.

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