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Introducing the New Personal 1m Syringe 6 Pack

Designed to fit the contours of your body. Made from injection moulding it comes in colour options.  The container has a flask shape for ease of use and convenience.

6 pack container

Description: Flask Shape Container.  250ml 6 pack.

Container shape: Flask shape for ease and convenience. Fits discreetly into coat pocket or carry bag.

Application: Insulin dependant Diabetics, supplied widely to drug and alcohol clinics, discrete remote use.

Product Code: 6 pack, available in several colour optional.

Material:  Injection Moulded.

Capacity to nominal fill line: 300ml (safe recommended usable space)

Capacity: 6 to 8 1m syringes (new and used).

Dimension: 60mm (length) 40mm (width).

Quantity per carton: 100

Product Standards: AS4939-2001

Manufacturing Standards: ISO 9001:2000


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